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    I understand that the 'Coaching' services I am requesting include access to Simplify Method and Corey Gonzalez, a.k.a. (cg)'s methods, guidance, and support. The sessions and plans offered are designed so that I receive significant value and also have the flexibility to accomplish the outcomes I desire. Consequently, the goals and agenda will be determined in the session(s).
    I understand that I must be respectful of the coaching relationship at all times. I will be transparent about my situation and notify Simplify Method and/or (cg) if this changes. I commit to having an open mind and taking action on the goals I set for myself. Email is the preferred communication for all work-related matters (phone and texting are for emergencies only). I realize action is required to move forward and that I am ultimately responsible for my results.

    Access around the world

    We get to work with clients around the world via the following options


    Available for private phone sessions


    Available for online sessions via Zoom


    Available for in-person sessions throughout middle Tennessee (Nashville, Franklin, Spring Hill, Columbia)


    Available for onsite multi-day sessions throughout the United States (travel + accommodations provided by client)

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